Del Toro on Creating with Kojima: “I’ll do whatever the f*** he wants”

Guillermo del Toro, Hideo Kojima, DICE

“Whatever he says, I’ll do. Other than that, screw that.”

Since Silent Hills was cancelled, fans the world over have been clamoring for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to work together on a new project. During the recent DICE 2016 Summit, moderator Geoff Keighley asked del Toro whether or not he’d be willing to get back into game development. Here’s an excerpt of the back and forth between them:

GK: “You have sort of said previously that you’re sort of done with games.”
GDT: “Oh, except with this man. I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants.”
GK: “Would you like him to do anything, Hideo?”
HK: *holds up eyeball hands*
GDT: “Now look, I’m like the albatross. I go to THQ, they fucking break; they go broke. I go with Kojima, and you know what happened. The next game we do, his fucking teeth are gonna fall out! We do something together, and he’s gonna be urinating and he’s gonna hear something drop in the toilet; I don’t know! I’ll do it! The only things I’m interested in doing are things that motivate me. I don’t care what the monetary or fame results are, it’s just having fun. And with this guy I always have fun, so whatever he says, I’ll do. Other than that, screw that. Because I’ll go into the building and it’ll explode.”

So there you have it. So long as Kojima wants to work with del Toro, the possibility of future collaborations is there. Let us know what kind of project you’d like to see the two pair up to create.

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