$10 Million Dying Light Edition Comes With a Movie Role, Parkour Training and More

It looks expensive, but maybe you’d get movie royalties.

If you’re a fan of the zombie survival/parkour game Dying Light, Techland has the collector’s edition for you. They’ve partnered with GAME to release one of these rare, but incredibly valuable packages. You can become the new star of Dying Light for a nominal fee of 10 million dollars.

Dying Light: The Following – The Spotlight Edition was revealed today on the game’s official Twitter account. The image shows all of the things included in this extravagant package.

This collector’s edition also reveals that a Dying Light movie is coming, as many of the items relate to it. If you buy this, you’ll get a supporting role in that film. For non-actors, $10 million will also get you stuntman training and professional acting lessons from Roger Craig Smith.

This is the first time a Dying Light movie has even been mentioned, so it’s unclear if this is a real collector’s edition or a joke. GAME did partner with Volition a few years ago for a $1 million version of Saint’s Row IV that turned out to be a joke.

Still, if you really want to be in the Dying Light movie, this is a guaranteed way in. And it comes with 4 copies of the game, in case you’re not into acting and just want to play. Everyone wins!


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