PSA: Teach Your Family What Bundles are to Avoid Awkward Gifts Like This

Ah, the holidays. That cherished time when our loved ones go out of their way to give us gifts that make us feel special.

Reddit user pinkbagels_ must really feel loved this year, as they were bestowed not one, but two copies of Star Wars Battlefront – the one that came with the bundle, and an extra copy just because it’s the holidays.

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Now, you may write this off as a simple case of an uninformed buyer not knowing how bundles work, but consider the following scenarios that might justify a double purchase of the same game:

  • The first copy breaks, either by being stepped on, spontaneously combusting, or thrown in a fit of rage after learning the price of the season pass.
  • The gift is from Xzibit, who heard you like Star Wars: Battlefront, so he got you Star Wars: Battlefront with your Battlefront Bundle so you can play Star Wars while you Star Wars.
  • It’s a clever joke. About clones, or something.

At the end of the day, while this was totally probably not a hilarious mistake, you should probably inform your relatives and other close friends exactly what a bundle is. Just in case.

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This post was originally written by Anthony Galleran.

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