World of Warcraft’s Wacky Level 100 Boost Trailer Explodes a Chicken in the Name of Science

Legion, the next expansion to World of Warcraft, is raising the level cap to 110 and offering instant character boosts to 100 with pre-orders. Instead of just purchasing the level boost, you can watch it in action thanks to this trailer featuring Krazzel Crashfuse and his fez’d monkey assistant.

Krazzel watches his nemesis Lemmy boost to 90, and in classic nemesis style, he must blow up a bunch of stuff in crazy attempts to outdo him. Including a chicken. Yes, he mounts a giant chicken, lights dynamite, and hopes this will make him level 100.

Legion is the sixth expansion to hit World of Warcraft and is expected to release this upcoming summer. This time around, the Burning Legion is back, bringing a new Demon Hunter class, the night elf ruins of the Broken Isles, and Illidan Stormrage himself.

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