Xbox One Tops PS4 on the Wishbone Voting App Three to One

Looks like quite a few (thousand) people threw the Xbone a bone.

Wishbone, a mobile app based on user-driven voting, allows people to vote between two competing brands, bands, and other split decisions. They recently put up a gaming-related poll between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

On October 20th, over 34,000 votes show Wishbone users favor the Xbox One to the PlayStation 4 three to one. 76% of the 34,476 votes went to the Xbox One (Rounded Approx. votes: 26,202), and 24% of the total votes went to the PlayStation (Rounded Approx. votes: 8,274)

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wishbone, voting, app

Another Wishbone vote between the previous generation’s top two of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 found similar results; however, the PlayStation 3 pulled in 32% of the total vote (around 10,107 votes) to the Xbox 360’s 68% (around 21,477 votes) at the time of this post at 31,584 votes. You can retain the Xbox 360’s lead or help boost the PlayStation 3’s numbers here.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wishbone, voting, app

After a few tests, repeated voting (refreshing the voting page, opening another link within seconds) doesn’t appear to increase the number of votes you give.  No artificial voting here it seems.

Source: NeoGaf

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