Google Celebrates 30 Years of Super Mario Bros. With an Interactive Surprise

Happy birthday, from Google.

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and Google is celebrating with its own Mario Easter Egg.

If you Google search “Super Mario Bros,” you’ll be met with an informative little widget to the right graced by a small ‘?’ Block. Clicking on that block pops up a coin, 200 points, and a really loud coin sound effect. How loud? Loud enough to send my peacefully sleeping dog into a rabid panic. You were warned.

There’s also a special 1-UP sound effect at 100 clicks, but no visual effects, in case you were frantically clicking with your sound off.

super mario bros google


Nintendo celebrated 30 years of Super Mario Bros. with a special interview, discussing the title’s history and the new Super Mario Maker.

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