Praise Batman: Arkham Knight for Having This Cool Feature Every Game Should Have

Other games, take note.

You know how games like to fill you with the utmost anxiety as you go to quit them? You’re ready to go back to your regular life, you think you’ve had enough gaming for the day, you go to hit the exit game option and boom, it strikes you. The dreaded message warning you that “any unsaved progress will be lost.” But you don’t remember when you last saved! Sure, most of the time, games give you a time within the saves menu. Batman: Arkham Knight saw that innovation and decided to outshine it. Decided to throw some shade at it.

arkham knight save

Behold; this is the standard by which all future games shall be judged. Whenever you go to the start menu and hit exit, you’re prompted with that usual anxious warning, except this time you’re actually told how long it’s been since the game last saved. Batman: Arkham Knight thankfully saves every couple of minutes because you’re always walking through doors and shit, but isn’t it nice to have that info at a glance and not freak out over how much you’re losing if you need to leave immediately?

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