J-Stars Victory VS+ Guide: How to Easily Level Up the Friendship Gauge

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Play the Story Mode

J-Stars Victory VS+ has an impressive roster of characters for players to choose from. The thing is, you only start with a handful and the rest must be purchased. On top of that, you must unlock extra slots so that you can actually hold those characters. This is done by leveling up the Friendship Gauge (blue meter on the top right-hand corner), which can be a slow process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of quick, easy tips to get you rolling in new characters in no time.

J-Stars Victory VS+ has a neat story mode (J-Adventure) taking you to several locations from your favorite animes as you face combatants and show them who’s boss. While this is fun in its own right, it is also quite useful when it comes to leveling up the Friendship Gauge. After completing any missions your Friendship Gauge will fill up just a bit. By the time you complete all of the story arcs, you should have already leveled up a few times and increased your roster size accordingly.

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