Check Out The Hilariously Violent Goro Trailer For Mortal Kombat X

Yeeeshh. I didn’t know human skulls could do that!

A new gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat X is available to watch, in all its gory majesty. The character being shown off is series classic Goro. His attributes are booked as a Half-Man, Half-Dragon and Pure Brute Force. The video shows off some fire-breathing, four-armed pummeling and a general disregard for the importance of the human spinal column. Pre-ordering Mortal Kombat X will allow you to play as the vicious beast. Goro joins Tanya, Tremor, Jason Voorhees and The Predator on the list of DLC characters that NetherRealm has slated for Mortal Kombat X‘s release.


Mortal Kombat X will release on April 14th for PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android and PC.

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