Littlewitch Romanesque Guide: How to Maximize Magic Potential

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Littlewitch Romanesque is not your average visual novel. It’s deep, complex, and unforgiving. While possible to play through blindly, keeping these tips in mind will help you maximize your enjoyment and prevent frustration.

Save Often


Listen to the lil’ anteater thing.

Littlewitch Romanesque is not your standard visual novel. This seems trite to mention, but crucial to remember. As it requires more interaction from the player than other titles, losing hard-earned progress can be as devastating as if it were hours of play on an old JRPG.

Lessons and accrued spirit are the biggest losses, aside from the usual. It can take time to amass such things Littlewitch Romanesque doesn’t have an autosave feature, so keep yourself protected! Abuse saves!

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