Game Music Bundle Features Broken Age, Journey, And Chance To Win Bundle Key

One of my favorite bundles around is the Game Music Bundle which consistently delivers some of the best soundtracks around. This time, Game Music Bundle is back with its 7th iteration offering diverse albums currently available. As always the available albums are separated by payment tiers, so the more you pay the more albums you get.

For $1 you unlock albums for games such as Luftrausers and Double Fine’s Broken Age along with a few others. For $10 you get the exclusive to the bundle Transfiguration album a piano arrangement album for Journey. You’ll find the full list of albums below and you can purchase the bundle over at their website here:

Also, our friends at Game Music Bundle sent us a redeemable key for the full bundle so comment below what your favorite video game soundtrack is and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Sunday. Be sure to check back around then to see if you won!

Level 1 (unlocked at $1)

* The Banner Saga
* Device 6
* Broken Age
* The Floor is Jelly
* Luftrausers

Level 2 (unlocked at $10)

* Transfiguration [EXCLUSIVE]
* Starbound Orchestral OST
* Yawhg
* Magnetic By Nature
* Escape Goat 2
* Curious Merchandise
* Eldritch
* Winnose
* Bardbarian
* Tribes: Ascend
* Into the Box
* Soul Fjord

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