All PS Plus Free Games For February 2017

all PS Plus Free Games for February 2017

Little Big Planet 3 – PS Plus


Little Big Planet 3 is another adventure starring our favorite yarn-based hero Sackboy. He is accompanied by new fully customizable friends that can be customized with brand new collectable costumes. Little Big Planet 3 will be available for the PS4 starting Feb 7. one of the best free games on the list


Not A Hero – ps plus free games


Not a Hero has you take on the role of Steve, is a deadly killer who is in charge of cleaning up the city after becoming mayoral candidate BunnyLord’s campaign manager. Steve uses his gun to take out the criminal underworld of the city by shooting his problems away. Not a Hero will be available on the PS4 starting Feb 7.


Starwhal is the narwhal battle game that takes place in space. Starwhal lets you customize your narwhal with unique costumes and lets you battle it out in over 25 arenas with four unique game modes. This is a great party game, as it offers local multiplayer for up to four players. Starwhal will be available for the PS3 (cross buy with PS4) but there are more PS plus free games for February 2017


Anna – ps plus free games


This psychological horror game has you traverse through a sawmill located in the mountains of Italy. There are dark puzzles for you to solve as the mental heath of your character becomes compromised. There are eight different endings in the game and your actions in the game will determine which one you will get. Anna will be available for the PS3 Feb 7. but there are more ps plus free games for february 2017


Ninja Senki DX


Ninja Senki DX is the PlayStation Vita port of the original PC title. The game has you take on the role of Hayate, who must battle against evil ninjas and mythological Japanese creatures. This new port of the game offers a remixed soundtrack and multiple endings. Ninja Senki DX will be free starting Feb 7 on the PS Vita (cross buy with PS Plus on the PS4)



TorqueL is a 2D platformer/puzzle game. Don’t let the simplistic art style fool you, there are 50 chambers to explore and unique routes to travel through them. Each chamber has their own obstacles and dangers inside them to keep players on their toes. TorqueL will be free on the PS Vita (cross buy with PS4) starting Feb 7.

those are all the ps plus free games for february 2017

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