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Space Channel 5: Arakata Dancing Show Officially Confirmed for HTC Vive


Space Channel 5: Arakata Dancing Show Officially Confirmed for HTC Vive

Space Channel 5 is officially returning, albeit in the form of a virtual reality title. Previously we knew that the popular rhythm game from Dreamcast would be making another appearance at this year’s Tokiagai 2018 this weekend. But now we know the VR title has been confirmed in full, with an HTC Vive release scheduled for Japan soon. Space Channel 5: Arakata Dancing Show is going to get its own full release!

The game’s demo will be available for users to try out at Tokaigi 2018, where you can dance along with Ulala to help save the world from the nefarious Morolians. You won’t play as Ulala this time around, but you’ll be a newbie at Space Channel 5, following Ulala’s sweet moves so you can help keep the universe safe from dancing themselves to death.

The demo itself will be running on an HTC Vive, and that’s where the full game will end up landing. It’ll be available in stores in Japan dedicated to virtual reality gaming, and then later for the Vive only as a downloadable title within the fiscal year. There’s no pricing just yet nor information on whether it will be made available to western buyers, but hopefully we’ll get our fair dues, as it’s been far too long since we’ve gotten to enjoy a Space Channel 5 game.

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