Ever Wanted to See How Super Mario 64 Plays in First-Person? Well, Here You Go

super mario odyssey

Bowser looks even scarier up close.

Even though one of Nintendo’s biggest hits, Super Mario 64, was released such a long time ago, we keep hearing about new exploits, speedruns, mods, and texture upgrades from the loud community of people who continue to mess with the innards of Mario’s adventure on the N64. The next big mod to come from the 20 year old game, puts you in Mario’s shoes and gives you a perspective of the first-person kind. Now, we know that first-person and platforming don’t really go well together, but this mod is still really neat to see.

The mod comes from ‘Kaze Emanuar’ and makes the camera mimic the movements of Mario’s head. Watching some footage of the hack in action, you can see that sometimes Mario’s vision will clip into some of the structures in the levels, but that big boss fight with Bowser himself looks super cool. If you want to learn more about the mod and/or see it for yourself, make sure to check out the video below.


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