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Developer of Mutant Mudds, Atooi, Has “at Least Three Switch Games” Planned for 2018


Developer of Mutant Mudds, Atooi, Has “at Least Three Switch Games” Planned for 2018

More 2D indie goodness is on its way.

In 2015, Jools Watsham, the co-founder of indie developer Renegade Kid, founded the company Atooi as a side project for the development of mobile games. Renegade Kid was an avid supporter of the Nintendo 3DS, going on to release a total of 10 games for the system, including the well-received Mutant Mudds series of games. Following the recent closure of Renegade Kid, Atooi got ownership to a number of Renegade Kid’s IP: Mutant Mudds; Xeodrifter; Bomb Monkey; and Treasurenauts.

After Renegade Kid’s closure, Atooi began developing for consoles as well as mobiles. In 2017 the Nintendo Switch saw its first Atooi release in the form of the Mutant Mudds Collection. Watsham has assured via Twitter that Atooi’s development for the Switch will certainly not end there, and states that there are “at least three Switch games planned for 2018.”

It has already been confirmed that Treasurenauts is coming to the Switch, so that could be one of the games that Watsham is referring to. However, it is uncertain what those other two games could be. Apart from the Renegade Kid IP that is now owned by Atooi, they also have their own original IP like Chicken Wiggle and Totes the Goat. They could also be working on something brand new that we’ve never seen before. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when anything is announced.


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