The Nintendo Switch Was the Best-Selling Product of Black Friday in Digital Storefronts

Nintendo Switch

The only gaming product in the top five.

Adobe Digital has analyzed “4,500 retail websites” in order to find out what the top five best-selling products were for Black Friday via online stores. The only video game item to enter the top five – at number one, no less – was the Nintendo Switch.

The top five selling products were as follows:

  1. Nintendo Switch
  2. Hatchimals & Colleggtibles
  3. PJ Masks
  4. Chromecast
  5. Roku

What’s most interesting is that the Nintendo Switch didn’t actually receive a discount in some stores; both Walmart and Target retained the regular price of $300. Despite plenty of enticing discounts for both the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch still managed to outsell its competitors.

The scarcity of the console may be a factor as to how it sold so much on Black Friday. Business Insider UK speculates that “all that retailers had to do was advertise that they had the new console to get them to fly off shelves.” Companies including the Nintendo Switch in their Black Friday advertisements seemed to be enough to drive people to buy the console that day. The encroaching of Christmas could have also led people to buy a Switch now before it could potentially become hard to find again. The recent release of the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle may also have helped bolster its sales.

Whatever the case may be, it appears that demand for the system hasn’t let up. Let’s hope this success continues into 2018.


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