Destiny 2: How to Trigger Disrupt Vex Construction Heroic Public Event

How to Trigger the Disrupt Vex Construction Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Remember that one event in the original Destiny where you had to stop Vex from foolishly sacrificing themselves and possibly bringing about your destruction? Well, it’s back in Destiny 2 and it’s still pretty fun shooting Goblins, Minotaurs, and the like in the face as you try and stop them. New to Destiny 2 is the fact that you can trigger a heroic version of the Disrupt Vex Construction public event which tasks players with taking out a powerful Hydra while also holding down the same point.

In order to trigger the Heroic version of the Disrupt Vex Construction public event, you’ll need to look at the structure that the Vex are sacrificing themselves to. You’ll notice streams of light emanating from it and reaching out to points that you can stand in and capture. Capture all of those points. That’s it.

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Once you do, the powerful Hydras will appear. Killing them will net you extra loot for your efforts against the Vex threat, and completing the entire event will grant you better rewards than you would have received from doing the standard Disrupt Vex Construction public event. Do remember that you must still stop Vex from sacrificing themselves. Unlike a lot of the other Heroic public events in Destiny 2, this particular event doesn’t lose its main objective after being triggered.

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