Slime Rancher: All Hobson Vault Locations

Slime Rancher: All Hobson Vault Locations

Hobson Vaults are vaults full of treasure that were created by Hobson Twillgers, the previous owner of the player’s ranch, before the events of Slime Rancher. The three vaults are unlocked at the end of Adventure Mode. You will know when you can search after receiving a StarMail from Twillgers himself.

“As a thank you, I’ve activated three secret vaults that I built years ago to stash a small fortune of mine. I had always planned on using it as walking around money in the great beyond, but I ain’t needing for that no more.”

The first vault is located at the end of the only path in the Feral Path of Moss Blanket, after the Hunter Gordo. There will be six Pogofruit trees, which you should collect because Gold Slimes spawn deeper in the vault. Besides the Gold Plorts collected from the despawning Gold Slimes, there are 120 Gold Plorts spread across 11 purple treasure pods. Six are in the back of the room, while the other five are on the central platform.

The second vault is located in the Ash Isle of Indigo Quarry, and requires you to remove a Rock Gordo to access the teleporter. When you find Hobson’s note, turn right and take the path. Then walk to the top of a plateau, via a ramp, and fly over the gap where a Crystal Gordo is. A doorway to the vault will be on the right. The vault contains one purple treasure pod with one Gold Plort, while a switch underneath a platform behind it reveals 20 purple treasure pods: one with nine Gold Plorts and all others with seven.

The last vault can be found on Ring Island in the Dry Reef. Jump on the ledge past the Pink Gordo, and travel through the tunnel until it ends. The vault entrance will be on top of a climbable rock face. The vault contains four purple treasure pods with 10 Gold Plorts each, while the switch in the middle the room reveals 10 purple treasure pods with 10 Gold Plorts each. Careful though, the switch also triggers feral Pink Rock Largos to fall from the ceiling.

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