See How Agent Swapping Comes Together in Agents of Mayhem’s Latest Trailer

Swap to win.

Curious about how changing up agents in Volition’s upcoming Agents of Mayhem is going to work? Deep Silver and Volition just dropped a trailer today detailing exactly how that’s going to work going forward, featuring an explanation from lead designer Ryan MacCabe.

The three-minute video walks you through swapping, which is one of the primary mechanics in-game if you want to fight off your enemies. You’d press right or left on the D-pad or mouse and keyboard and swap between agents on the fly. There are 12 different characters with different specializations and abilities. During development, Agents were classed into three different categories: Special, Tank, and DPS, and you’ll have to memorize who can do what if you want to succeed.

You can even set up abilities that use several Agents to combine their special powers to buff and debut, which is a particularly interesting part of the how the game will play out. It means you’re going to have to stay on your toes if you want to power through your enemies, and that’s the kind of challenge a game like this is going to need to rely on to stay fresh.


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