Mass Effect: Andromeda May Not Be Getting Anymore Content, But Casey Hudson Wants the Series to Continue

mass effect: andromeda

Keelah se’lai.

Last week, EA and BioWare confirmed that there were no more single-player DLC or content planned for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which essentially confirms the notion that the series has been put on ice, at least for now. It’s an upsetting bit of news, especially for longtime fans of the series, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see more of this franchise in the future.

Over the weekend, BioWare General Manager and Mass Effect series creator Casey Hudson tweeted out saying that he would definitely love to continue working on the series.

His investment in the series is obvious, and the fact that there is a team at BioWare that still wants this series to continue is an encouraging sign for fans. While Mass Effect: Andromeda may not have been the return to form that many were expecting, that isn’t to say that the series is dead for good. Mass Effect is still one of BioWare’s most successful series, so it’s not completely out of the question to think that EA won’t bring it back again at some point.

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