Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Summer Event Will Introduce New Ariana Grande Character

She even comes with a magical scrunchie

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will be kicking off a music-themed summer event in a few days, which gives the free-to-play mobile game yet another opportunity to toss in even more Ariana Grande content. Ariana Grande’s famous leather bunny look was already introduced to the game back in January this year and now a more chic version of the pop star is headed to the game as well.

The new Final Fantasy Brave Exvius character is literally called “Chic Ariana” and she’s sporting another look that should seem familiar to her fans. Her usual high ponytail returns with a crop top flaunting sprite. If you want to get your hands on the latest Ariana Grande inspired character you’ll have to complete the first stage of the “Musical Showdown” event. Once you accomplish this and you have Chic Ariana available in the game, you’ll probably want to focus on getting some of the event exclusive gear made just for her.

Brave Exvius players will be able to take on a new boss called the Bard Spirit. Successfully defeating this new foe will be the only way you can have the chance to earn Chic Ariana’s Fashionable Dancewear, Microphone Stand and Magical Scrunchie.

The Musical Showdown summer event will officially begin on August 18 and will run up until September 1.

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