Expect Some Nintendo Switch Maintenance to Happen Today

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You’ll have to “switch” to another console for a little bit,

If you turn on your Nintendo Switch today looking to use some of its online features, you might be in for a bit of bad luck. The Switch’s online services are scheduled to possibly go down for a few hours today while Nintendo performs network maintenance.

This was actually announced last week, but if you’re just now hearing the news, it shouldn’t affect your day too much. It’s not really scheduled until the evening, from 8:50 PM ET through 10:30 PM ET. During that time, “some network services may become unavaialable,” as Nintendo attests.

If you’re planning on hopping online for some Splatoon matches then, it may have to wait. There are no Splatfests going on or heated battles between two factions at the moment, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but if this maintenance does interrupt your Splatoon 2 time, you can always spend some time in one of the new Switch releases that have just arrived recently. There’s plenty more to do!


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