Everybody’s Golf: All Professor Koenji’s Quiz Answers

All Professor Koenji’s Quiz Answers in Everybody’s Golf

Not long into your quest to become the best golfer around, a short professor will appear in your Home Area in Everybody’s Golf alongside his trusty camera. He says that he is there for research and he offers to quiz you on all things golf, whether that be real-world golf or Everybody’s Golf specifics. If you want to get the platinum trophy in Everybody’s Golf, you’ll need to give him the right answers to all of his questions.

The questions are split into three sets of ten, getting progressively tougher as you climb the ranks. The questions and answers are:

Answers to Beginners Questions – Rank 2 or higher.

  1. In golf, what do you call it when you take your first stroke at a hole? – Tee Shot
  2. What does one call the rectangular location from which you take a tee shot? – The Teeing Ground
  3. What do caddies shout to warn people when a ball goes flying in their direction? – Fore
  4. What do you call it when you sink the ball one stroke under par? – Birdie
  5. What do you call a trap that’s filled with sand? – Bunker
  6. What do you call it when you achieve the miraculous feat of sinking the ball with your tee shot? – Hole in One
  7. What do you call it when you sink the ball in one shot from off the green? – Chip-in
  8. What do you call it when you hit the ball while on the green? – Putt
  9. In Everybody’s Golf, what do you call a cup that’s the same size as one used in real golf? – Normal Cup
  10. What do you call it if you hit the impact zone right in the middle? – Perfect Impact

Answers to Intermediate Questions – Rank 3 or higher.

  1. What was the tee placed further back than the Regular Tee called? – Long Tee
  2. What do you call a score that’s one stroke under an eagle? – Albatross
  3. What do you call it when a right-handed player’s shot curves to the right? – Slice
  4. What will happen to the ball if you deliberately take a shot into a headwind? – It won’t travel as far
  5. What do you call the declaration if you can’t hit the ball? – Unplayable
  6. While in water, which of the following are you allowed to do? – Remove litter
  7. What happens if you use up all your power mode chances? – Can still use it, but with conditions.
  8. What do you call it when you hit the ground in front of the ball when attempting a shot? – Duff
  9. What do you normally call an approach shot that lifts the ball? – Pitch Shot
  10. What’s the best way to hit a shot that makes the ball fly up high? – Use a backspin

Answers to Advanced Questions – Rank 6 or higher

  1. What do you call it when the ball flies further than expected when you take a shot from the rough? – Flyer
  2. What do you call a small, deep bunker? – Pot Bunker
  3. Which of the following ball effects does not exist in Everybody’s Golf? – Longer distance in the air
  4. Which of the following isn’t an EG rule? – Putters Only
  5. How is the ball likely to travel if hit by a right-handed player on a hanging lie? – Curve to the right
  6. What do you call a hole that will end the match if the losing player doesn’t win it? – Dormie Hole
  7. How does the timing of your impact influence a stroke? – Direction will change
  8. What do you call the distance up to the point where the ball finally stops after the carry? – Run
  9. Which of these won’t help to prevent shorts form going off course? – Using Backspin
  10. Which VS character appears if you get 50 official birdies? – Thomas

Those are the answers to Professor Koenji’s quiz questions in Everybody’s Golf.

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