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Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Risryn (Final Boss)


Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Risryn (Final Boss)

How to Beat Risryn in Absolver

After making your way through the world and taking on Kuretz, Calga & Kilnor, and all of the Marked Ones in Absolver, players are granted access to the Tower of Adal. Here, at the very top, lies the game’s final boss, Risryn. She’s a ruthless combatant who seems to be only looking for a worthy challenge. When you finally reach the pinnacle of the ruins, you get to witness her tear the mask off of another Prospect’s face and toss them off of a balcony from a ridiculous height. She then turns her attention to you, sensing your skill. It’s time to fight.

Risryn is fast, very fast. And she has a decent amount of stamina which allows her to pull off long combos when she wants to. However, she tends to play it safe during your encounter with her at the end of Absolver. That doesn’t mean you can go crazy and charge in recklessly. She can still beat you with ease, even if she’s holding back. Plus, every now and then she likes to pull out her sword, which makes her even more deadly and a bit more aggressive. She can quickly carve through even the most seasoned of Prospects.

There is a trick to beating her, though, and it’s actually pretty easy. You see, Risryn responds quite strongly to feints. She’ll pretty much always guard, sidestep, or just pause whenever you do one. This leaves her completely open to a quick combo. So, to beat her, feint (attack then immediately press guard before the attack animation plays out), then immediately go into a simple 3-4 hit combo. Back away, rinse, repeat.

This even works when she gets her sword out. Using this technique, you can quickly get her to drop her sword which makes the fight even easier since enemies in Absolver can’t completely guard against blades. You can fight right through Risryn’s defense and defeat her.

Once she’s dead, you’ll be granted the title of Absolver and be able to form your very own school. Time to go gather some disciples.

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