Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Magician Confidant (Morgana)

How to Get and Max Out the Magician Confidant (Morgana) in Persona 5

Morgana is the party member that spends the most time with you in Persona 5. After all, he lives as your cat throughout the game after entering the real world. Being a kitten and all, Morgana’s abilities help make you the ultimate cat burglar as he teaches you how to make Infiltration tools.

He’s the Magician Confidant, and one of the few automatic ones in the game. You don’t need to do anything special to rank up the Magician Confidant outside of beating Palaces. Each rank is tied to a either a date or a Palace completion, so you’ll max this out by the time you beat Persona 5.

Rank 1 : 5/15 (Unlocks Infiltration Tools)

Rank 2: Complete first Palace (Unlocks Baton Pass)

Rank 3: Complete second Palace (Unlocks Follow Up)

Rank 4: 6/20 (Unlocks Kitty Talk)

Rank 5: Complete third Palace (Unlocks Pickpocket)

Rank 6: 7/25 (Unlocks Ace Tools)

Rank 7: 8/29 (Unlocks Harisen Recovery)

Rank 8: 9/17 (Unlocks Endure)

Rank 9: Complete fifth Palace (Unlocks Protect)

Rank 10: 12/23 (Second Awakening)

Maxing out Morgana’s bond allows him to wield Fusunushi in battle, the ultimate Magician Persona. You’ll also be able to get the Persona for yourself through fusion.

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