Elite Dangerous Developer Working on a Game Based on a Movie Franchise

What could it be?

Frontier Developments, the studio best known for Elite Dangerous and the Roller Coaster Tycoon games, has announced that they’re working on a third game franchise. While that’s not exactly news in and of itself, it won’t be an original IP–the game in question will be based on a movie.

As reported by the London Stock Exchange, Frontier has gained the movie license for their next game, and it’s said to be a franchise “of global renown.” Frontier Developments’ Chief Executive David Braben later said that this next franchise was “an important next step in our growth… It is creatively stimulating, already has a high worldwide profile, and is a perfect match for our expertise.” That, and the fact that they think they can make something “very special,” is why they’ve chosen to move on with developing this secret game. But as far as what that franchise is, Frontier hasn’t said, but they did promise that more news is coming later in the year.

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