PSA: BioShock The Collection Installs Each Game as Separate Apps

Bioshock The Collection

Three separate tiles for three separate adventures.

Today saw the release of BioShock The Collection, throwing all three games from the popular series into one neat package. However, it turns out that it doesn’t work quite like other remasters that have come to the Xbox One and PS4.

While many remasters or collections that have been rereleased on Xbox One and PS4 have thrown all of the game’s onto one disc and you’ve loaded each game from the main menu, BioShock The Collection instead installs each game individually onto your hard drive, meaning you’ll have to head back to your console’s home screen if you want to switch out between them.

It’s only a minor nuisance, but one that comes with putting three pretty large games onto two discs. The entire collection weighs in somewhere around the 70 GB mark too, so you may need to clear out some space on your hard drive for it.


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