Lords of the Fallen: How to Use Potions and Where to Get More of Them

Potions – Lords of the Fallen

Potions are vital to most games, and Lords of the Fallen is no exception. Whether you’re in the middle of a battle on the brink of death, or topping off your health casually as you go, here’s how to use potions during your journey.

Potions are used as any other item, by holding down the Square button on PS4 and X button on Xbox One. The proper item will need to be selected, however. To do this, tap on the Square/X button to cycle through them. Once a potion is selected, hold down the button to use.


To regenerate your stock, you can always head to a red save crystal. These can refill both your health and potion supply, but at the cost of your running experience modifier. To learn how to save and how to keep your modifier, check out our guide on saving here.

Good luck out there!

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