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Destiny: Rise of Iron PSA – Don’t Dismantle Weapons or Armor With Ornaments Applied

Destiny Rise of Iron


Destiny: Rise of Iron PSA – Don’t Dismantle Weapons or Armor With Ornaments Applied

It’s a trap!

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion allows players to add ornaments onto their weapons and armor to make them stand out in the crowd. However, one Reddit user has discovered that once you put an ornament onto a weapon, you won’t get it back or have it removed if you choose to dismantle the weapon.

Reddit user Goat_throats posted in the Destiny subreddit stating that the iconoclast ornament on their Invective was not returned when they dismantled their weapon in the name of science.

They then edited their original post to inform other Guardians that even when rebuying their Invective from the kiosk that the ornament wasn’t on the gun. It seems that currently there is no way you can get back any ornament you applied to an exotic weapon.

Normally, this wouldn’t cause too much of an issue. After all, the ability to get your gear back through kiosks has reduced the risk of you dismantling a weapon and then regretting it immediately after. However, the cause for concern is that some players may have spent real life money on these ornaments and are receiving no prior warning informing them there’s no chance of getting it back. Possibly this could be something Bungie could bring in a quick update to avoid any confusion.

Stay safe out there Guardians, and only attach an ornament to a weapon or piece of armor you know you’ll want to keep forever.

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