Destiny: Rise of Iron PSA – You Can’t Hit 365 Light Just By Decrypting Legendary Engrams

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Do more activities.

For those of you running through Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, you may find your light level hitting an invisible wall once you reach 350 light. At this point in time, most of your Legendary and Exotic engrams will only give you gear that are one point above your level. Some folks over on Reddit expressed concern about this issue, and a few thought it might have been a bug. However, Bungie has stepped in to clarify the situation.

“As stated in the Patch Notes once you hit 350 Light you are going to have a 50% chance to get +1 Light items. So you are right, it’s not optimal to sit at the Cryptarch solely decrypting Engrams. I talked with the Designers and they wanted to find a balance between letting you progress using your stored up Engrams, while also encouraging you to go play Activities to earn better gear. Go run some Strikes, play Supremacy, and check out Archon’s Forge to increase your Light.”

What this means is that if you’re hoping to hit 365 light simply by decrypting engrams, it’s probably not going to work out in your favor. While your engrams will still have a chance of getting you some high level weapons and armor, you’ll probably have better luck doing other activities like the Strike playlists and the Archon’s Forge challenges.

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