Your Favorite Games With One Letter Missing Make For Even Better Games


We would definitely buy Pokemon nap.

Reddit got together yesterday and had a great idea. Let’s remove one letter from various video game titles, and just see what happens.

This happened:

  • “Rock Ban. There’s no music” – gabatha


  • “Half Lie 2. Misdirection, mischief, and questionable manners.” – BangThyHead


  • “Meal gear. The story of a man tasked with buying silverware.” – Spc_Ops-Fire-Ant


  • “Dad Island. You’re stranded on an island full of middle-aged men making bad jokes.” – The_________________
    • “i’m dying, help!”
    • “Hi, dying, I’m dad!”
    • THEY’RE INFECTED” – CrazyKirby97
    • “Well, they should probably get out of fected.” – Pittyswains


  • “Nopets, a virtual pet game without pets” – truehedgehog


  • “The Last of U. A psychological horror game where you play as someone in a coma, and you get texts that are how your brain is interpreting people in the outside world trying to wake you up.” – A_Wild_Random_Guy


  • “Pokémon Nap. You’re in charge of a Pokémon day care and you have to get all the Pokémon to go to sleep.” – Oraclea


  • “BioSock: You own the world’s first living sock, what will you do next?” – Mushyshoes



  • “Sid Meier’s CV 5. The fifth installment of the franchise where Sid Meier has to list all his professional accomplishments in an attempt to gain employment.” – thehonestyfish


  • “FIFA 217. With all the greatest soccer stars from the year 217 A.D.” – wizzlestyx


  • “Final Fantas – The story of a young man and his group of friends who set off on an epic journey in search of the last known cans of orange soda.” – JonMatrix


  • “I guess removing the ‘e’ from dead results in a lot of funny ones. Dad space. The walking Dad. Dad by Daylight.” – overbread
    • The House of the Dad. Left 4 Dad. Dad Island. Dad or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball.” – cheesechimp


Thanks to Mashedbymachines for starting this up.

What fantastic new games can you come up with by removing a letter? Let us know in the comments below.

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