No Man’s Sky Team Finishing First Update, Lots of New Features to Come

With No Man’s Sky coming out in a few days, fans were able to get a peek at the team hard at work before the big release date. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, shared a picture of the team working early into the morning.

According to the tweet the team has been working all month on the first update, promising lots of new features and content. It is not currently known if this will be the day one patch of the game or a different update all together. If the latter holds true then the date telling when that update goes live is currently unknown.

This is just some of the latest news about the game as it has continued to make over the past few weeks.  Some recent news involved a fan who spent $1,300 to buy a leaked copy of the game, which  led to Murray asking fans on Twitter to not spoil the game for themselves. No Man’s Sky will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on Aug. 9. the PC version was delayed by three days and will be coming out on Aug. 12.


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