No Man’s Sky Sentinels: What they Are and How to Fight Them

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What Are Sentinels?

no man's sky sentinels

No Man’s Sky’s universe is quite expansive, stretching almost endlessly in all directions. You would think that the universe would be your oyster, allowing you to get away with anything, including the murder of innocent lifeforms, but you’d be wrong. The dark, cold expanse of space is policed by wandering bots known as Sentinels.

Sentinels tirelessly patrol planets and space in search of any crimes being committed against any planet, its inhabitants, or the surrounding space. In essence, they are No Man’s Sky’s police and they will not hesitate to deliver justice swiftly and mercilessly.

In order to ensure that you have a chance at surviving throughout your adventure, you will definitely want to learn how to not piss these guys off (even the little ones) and how to deal with them if you happen to cross that line. 

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