No Man’s Sky Gets New Patch on PC and PS4, Hello Games “Focused on Customer Support”

no man's sky

More stability.

If you’re playing No Man’s Sky right now, whether on PC or PS4, your game should be able to download and install a new patch. While Hello Games hasn’t released the full patch notes just yet, Sean Murray has taken to Twitter to give us a brief rundown of what we can expect from this download.

In short, the patch should help with a lot of stability and framerate issues that users have been experiencing, especially on PC. For the most part, the PC port of the game seems to be a lot more stable now, but Murray states that this patch should help with increasing the framerate even for users with lower specs on their hardware. As for PS4 users, we can expect more stability for our game, which should mean less crashes from now on.

Murray went on to say that the team is still pretty overwhelmed by how many people are playing the game right now, and that they were totally focused on customer support at the moment.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PS4 and PC.

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