Humble Bundle Offers Up Classic Capcom Titles for the PlayStation Systems

Humble Bundle

Time to go shopping!

The first ever PlayStation Humble Bundle has officially gone live and features nothing but Capcom titles. Humble Bundle is a website that allows people to pay whatever they want, and depending on what they paid, they will unlock certain games.

Majority of the games offered in this deal is for the PlayStation 3, with a limited selection for PlayStation 4. This bundle includes Resident Evil HD for the PS3 and PS4, Okami HD for the PS3, Devil May Cry HD Collection for the PS3, and others. The only PS4 games available are Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil 0 HD, but there are two discounts for other games on the PS4 such as 50 percent off the Mega Man Legacy Collection and 45 percent off Street Fighter V.

According to the site this whole collection is valued at $178 and people do have the choice to pick where their money goes, whether that be the developer or a charity. For this deal people can choose to donate money towards the Rett Syndrome Foundation, American Red Cross, and Save the Children.


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