These Totally Rad Sonic 25th Anniversary Guitars are Severely Lacking in Chili Dogs

These look pretty fresh.

SEGA has officially kicked off its 25th Anniversary celebration for their speedy mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. Amidst the breadth of news, the company also showed off a limited edition guitars based after the titular hedgehog, as well as his arch rival, Shadow.

The guitars are being made by Japanese guitar manufacturer ESP. The two designs (the SONIC II and SHADOW II) both come in two skus, a high-end and lower-end model. The guitars are based off designs used by the game’s composer Jen Senoue.

The standard lower-end model will cost you about $1,800 for either design, but that doesn’t factor in the cost of importing. Additionally, the higher-end models will cost around $7,000, which is a pretty gigantic leap in price. Check out more images of the guitars below.

SEGA has been hard at work recently with announcements, including the unveiling of the new Project Sonic 2017, which is developed by the same team behind Sonic Colors and Generations, and is releasing next year on the Nintendo NX and other unspecified platforms.

The company also announced Sonic Mania, which they describe as a classical 2D adventure akin to earlier games in the series. Mania will release sometime in the spring of next year.

sonic guitar 1

sonic guitar 3

sonic guitar 2

sonic guitar 4

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