The Best Eevee Evolution: Jolteon vs. Vaporeon vs. Flareon vs. All the Rest

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Note: This article is about the best Eevee Evolutions on Nintendo handheld games. If you’re looking for rankings for Pokemon GO, be sure to check here next for our rankings of the best Eevee evolution in that game!

Pokemon GO has everyone in a Pokemon craze, from children who just introduced to the world of powerful creatures and grand adventures, all the way to adults who were once just like those children, huddled over their Game Boys trying to catch ’em all. Along with the nostalgia of filling that Pokedex came along some debates as well.

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Since everyone is suddenly in a Pokemon mood thanks to the release of Pokemon GO and the upcoming Sun and Moon, old arguments are now back at the surface, including which Eeveelution reigns supreme? So we decided to make an attempt on putting that everlasting argument to rest by ranking all of Eevee’s adorable evolutions from worst to best.

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