Minecraft Players Can Now Play Together Across Devices With New Realms Update

Minecraft Realms

Microsoft had a big showing at their E3 press conference today, and one of the games present was of course Minecraft. In a new update called “The Friendly Update,” Minecraft will now be playable across different platforms with the new Minecraft: Realms.

Realms allows players to create their own dedicated servers, that others can visit even when the creator is offline. Friends can even build in any realm that you create. This will allow the more than 100 million players on iOS, Xbox, Windows Tablets and more to interact with each other.

In addition to Realms, Microsoft also announced new city texture packs releasing on Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions of the game. The Friendly Update is available today on Windows 10, iOS, Android and Gear VR devices allowing you to try out the new Realms feature. Realms will be coming to consoles later, within the next year. More details will be provided at Minecon in September.

Are you excited to build Realms and play with friends across different platforms in Minecraft? How will you make use of this new feature? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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