Uncharted 4’s MoCap Is So Intense, Even Drake’s Lip Biting Is Hyper-Realistic

Uncharted 4 says goodbye to the beloved and iconic Nathan Drake and all of his friends (and enemies). Naturally, this means Naughty Dog wanted to make sure everything was perfect; the music, graphics, writing, gameplay, and even the motion capture are all some next level accomplishment. Every single character looks and reacts so life-like to the environment and each other. This doesn’t end at just the action and parkour, no, even the close-ups of their faces show an extreme attention to detail. Every single emotional moment is captured perfectly by both the voice actors and the accompanying animations.

You’ll feel a million things with this game and it’s all thanks to the cumulative efforts of the entire team. Hell, look at how Nathan Drake even bites his lip in the middle of this random scene.

uncharted 4 bite

They didn’t need to animate that. The actor didn’t need to emote that.

uncharted 4 bite 4

And yet, it’s there. In all its glory.

uncharted 4 bite last

Bite on, Nathan. Bite on.

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