Uncharted 4 Is Metacritic’s Highest Rated Game of This Gen Right Now

Uncharted 4 Nathan Sully, relics

Uncharted 4 is set to release this Tuesday, May 10th.

You may have recently heard one or two positive recommendations about this new game coming out called Uncharted 4.

In fact, Naughty Dog’s latest PlayStation 4 exclusive been receiving more than just a couple of favorable mentions as, according to the review aggregation site Metacritic, it is now the highest rated game of this generation.

Metacritic has collected over 70 Uncharted 4 reviews since Thursday, and has garnered an average score of 94 out of 100.

Uncharted 4’s place at the top of the list doesn’t, however, take into account the review averages for remasters, such as Grand Theft Auto V or The Last of Uswhich hold average scores of 97 and 95 respectively.

A look at the Metacritic league tables show that Uncharted 4 is followed closely by Metal Gear Solid V with 93, and Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, both set at 92.

We at Twinfinite gave Uncharted a full 5/5 for its “relentlessly gorgeous visuals” and “classic gameplay at its best”.

You can check out the game for yourself when it finally releases this Tuesday, May 10.




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