Hyrule Warriors Is Getting a New Character… But Only in Europe and Japan

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’s Medli will be coming to both Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends in Europe and Japan on May 19. Medli is going to be released alongside the 3DS exclusive Master Wind Waker DLC.

You can see both the upcoming DLC and Medli in action in the brand new trailer below:

Judging from the trailer, Medli will be able to use her harp and wings to juggle enemies in the air, as well as summon hurricanes and balls of air for crowd control. Medli will be added as part of the 1.9.0 patch for the Wii U version and the 1.3.0 patch for the 3DS version. The Legends patch will also adjust drop rates for rare materials, add new medals as well as introduce additional bug fixes.

The Master Wind Waker DLC pack is also due to be released in Japan on May 19 and will include 16 new Fairy costumes, the new Master Wind Waker map for Adventure Mode, and one additional Adventure battle scenario.

Nintendo has yet to announce when Medli will be released in North America, or when the Master Wind Waker DLC pack will be released outside of Japan.

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