[email protected] Game Fest Announced By Microsoft, a Month-Long Celebration of Indies

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Get your indie fix!

Microsoft has announced that it will be holding a month-long celebration of indie developers called [email protected] Game Fest. Each week will have a theme that will showcase games according to those themes, along with a creator spotlight and discounts.

The weeks’ themes range from newly released games, play for free games, what’s next, and the best of [email protected] It is stated that the last week will be filled with popular indie games, such as Rocket League and The Banner Saga.

“Since the days of the original Xbox, I have been a huge fan of independent games that bring us incredibly creative and unique experiences you just cannot find anywhere else,” said Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Product Marketing, Xbox.

Other notable indie games mentioned in the post wer ARK, Oxenfree, Superhot and The Flame in the Flood. It wasn’t stated if those exact games would be part of the program and for what week. It was also mentioned by Chris Charla, Head of [email protected] that [email protected] developers took up four of the top five spots for paid and free to play.

The first week of games will be annouced starting May 3 for the week of “discover.”


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