Quantum Break: All Junctions Choices and What Happens

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While playing through Quantum Break, you’ll come across points in the story known as Junctions at the ends of Act 1-4. These Junctions task players with making a choice as Paul Serene that will alter the story going forward. Some characters will live and die, new plot twists will emerge, collectibles change, and new scenes appear in the live action episodes between the Acts.

It’s hard to make a decision not knowing what ripples your actions will send through time. Perhaps you want to ensure the life of a specific character, or maybe you just want to ensure someone finds happiness. Making the wrong move can put all of that to an end.

To help you manage time without any headaches, we’ve put together the Junction choices for you. Now you’ll know exactly what to expect as time bends to your whim.

There are Quantum Break story spoilers ahead!

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