Stardew Valley: How to Get All Animals and Livestock

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How to Get All Stardew Valley Coop Animals


In order to buy these animals from Marnie’s Farm, you must first have built a Coop on your farm. Head over to Robin and build a coop for 4,000 Gold, 300 Wood, and 100 Stone. Once you have that, you can get chickens. Ducks and rabbits will require upgrades, however.

Chicken (800g) – Requires Coop. Lays eggs every day provided they’re happy.

  • Egg (25g)
  • Large Egg (50g)

Duck (4,000g) – Requires Big Coop. Lays eggs every day provided they’re happy.

  • Duck Egg (50g)

Rabbit (8,000g) – Requires Deluxe Coop. Can be shaved for wool.

  • Wool (270g)
  • Rabbit’s Foot if friendship meter is high enough (450g)

Dinosaur (Put Dino Egg in Incubator) – Requires Big Coop. Lays an egg every one to five days.

  • Dinosaur Egg (350g)
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