Stardew Valley: Where to Get Copper, Iron, and Gold Ores

Where to Get Copper, Iron, and Gold Ores

In Stardew Valley, you can mine for different ores that are necessary for many craftable items and upgrades to your tools. The primary ones you’ll first be looking for are copper, iron, and gold. These can be smelted into bars which are precisely what you’ll need for most of the game. Here are photos to help you spot the different veins you’ll want to pick at. Keep in mind that the more upgraded your pickaxe, the easier it will be to mine these.

Copper Ore Veins in Stardew Valley


Iron Ore Veins in Stardew Valley

iron ore

Gold Ore Veins in Stardew Valley

gold ore

Keep in mind that while random, colored rocks might give you copper and iron, these veins are definitely where you will get a bundle of them. These can be found in the mines or to the east of the Adventurer’s Guild after repairing the bridge with the Community Center bundle. Oh, and you can of course buy your ores from the Blacksmith, but this can be exceptionally pricey. Copper costs 75 coins, Iron is 150 coins, and Gold is 400 coins.

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