There’s a Fallout 4 Preston Garvey Pornhub Account Commenting Exactly What You’d Expect

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Wrap it up.

Look, Fallout 4 is a great game all, no one’s denying that. There’s a lot to do, the characters are great, and there’s nothing quite like shooting someone’s leg off in beautiful slow motion. That said, eventually, you’re gonna wanna take a break for some… personal time. Unfortunately for you, Survivor, Preston Garvey ain’t got time for that.

That’s right, your 22-year-old (no way that’s accurate) companion Preston has a Pornhub account of his own now, having just watched his first video on his Pip-Boy, or so we assume from his mobile viewing profile achievement. As his bio states: “I enjoy helping out honest people around the wasteland. If you have the time after you’re done fapping, you should come join the minutemen. A lot of settlers need our help.”

You may also run into him while watching some very not safe for work video, kindly asking for some of your assistance.

pornhub fallout 4 preston garvey comment


Just remember, eventually you’ll have to put down that porn and boot up Fallout 4 again, Survivor! You’ve got some settlements in need of help that only you and Preston can provide. Just maybe don’t ask him if he’s seen any movies lately.

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