All Original 151 Pokemon Cards, Framed: The Best Birthday Gift Ever

We all collected Pokemon cards back in the day. Whether it was for battling with your best friends at recess while dodging the lurking eyes of school officials or just for personal collection, many of us loved the thrill of opening up yet another pack, hoping to find our favorite Pokemon inside. Some people still proudly display their collections. And some people are lucky to have great friends.

pokemon cardsThat’s right. All 151 cards, seemingly in great condition too, proudly framed and given away as the greatest birthday gift anyone could ask for. The Reddit post made for the gift is understandably full of witty comments, shock, and pure jealousy.

It’s hard to imagine how exciting it would be to peel back the wrapping paper and discover that the giant frame contained every child’s dream collection of Pokemon cards. The gift is more than sentimental, too. In some fifty years a collection that complete and well kept could sell for a pretty penny to avid collectors. What more could a friend ask for?

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This post was originally authored by Ahmed Khattab.

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