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Bayonetta is the Final Super Smash Bros DLC Character

Super Smash Bros Bayonetta


Bayonetta is the Final Super Smash Bros DLC Character

Believe it, folks. The witch is in.

During the final Super Smash Bros presentation series director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the DLC fighters are coming to an end. Following Cloud’s announcement in November and Corrin earlier in the video, he ended the broadcast with the shocking reveal of Bayonetta.

Super Smash Bros Bayonetta

Bayonetta took the number one slot in the Smash Fighter Ballot in Europe, was in the top 5 in North America, and even ranked number one worldwide, even including fighters from past titles.

Much like Cloud will feature two outfits based on the original game and Advent Children, she will feature two separate costumes based on each of her games. There will also be an outfit based off of her best friend Jeanne’s color scheme.

The Bayonetta character DLC is expected to launch February 2016, alongside Corrin, for $5.99 on just system or $6.99 for both.
Super Smash Bros Bayonetta

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