Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Beast’s Embrace Rune and Go Beast Mode

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Turning into a beast has been on the wishlist of quite a few Bloodborne players. The Old Hunters finally acknowledges that by way of including the Beast’s Embrace Caryll Rune. This item changes a Hunter into a werewolf-like creature when equipped. If combined with the Beast Claw, you’ll unlock the ability to do brand new attacks.

Obtaining the Beast’s Embrace Rune is not a simple task, though, and it will require the player to participate in some difficult battles. But don’t worry, we’ve laid out all the steps for you.

Keep in mind that this all takes place in the Hunter’s Nightmare, not the regular City of Yharnam. Also, there are some SPOILERS AHEAD so read on at your own risk. 

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