More People Than the Population of Ireland Played Star Wars Battlefront’s Beta

“The single largest beta in the history of EA.”

Over 9 million people logged in and played the Star Wars Battlefront beta, making it “the single largest beta in the history of EA.” For perspective, that number tops the population of Ireland (4,635,400), Norway (5,189,435), and Switzerland (8,279,700).

“Ever since we revealed Star Wars Battlefront back in April, we knew the beta would be a huge test for our game,” said Senior Producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir. “After all, the beta has been one of the most talked about topics around the game over the last six months, and it was exciting (and a little nerve racking if I’m being completely honest) to open it up to the world.”

The beta included just two multiplayer modes, Walker Assault and Drop Zone, and a Tatooine mission. EA recently announced 3 more modes joining the multiplayer lineup, bringing the total number of known multiplayer modes up to eight.

If you’re looking to reminisce on your time with the beta, or if you didn’t get a chance to try Star Wars Battlefront for yourself, check out Luke getting majorly stomped in our 10 best fails and glitches and Darth Vader finally making peace in the 10 most epic fan-captured beta moments.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Nov 17.

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